CRR is a service provider that specializes in targeted shredding, grinding, pelletizing and pulverizing of all plastics. Our processes allow manufacturers to reclaim their purged material and manufactured seconds, of any size, by reducing them to bits compatible with most extrusion and injection equipment.

We offer complete recycling services to meet a variety of needs, whether it be material recycled for product or for resale. We also purchase and sell many types of resin.

At CRR, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services and products from start to finish. It is with our commitment to integrity, our many years of experience and our attention to detail and quality that we have established long term partnerships with many leading companies in the industry.

Cornwall Site
160 Pitt Street, Suite 201
Cornwall, ON
K6J 3P4
Ph. (613) 932-2496
Fx. (613) 938-3303
Cobourg Site
711 Ontario St.
Cobourg, ON
K9A 3C6
Ph. (905) 373-0332
Fx. (905) 373-7339